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Kyokushin Stances

Shizen tai

This is the natural or ready stance

Heisoku dachi

From shizen tai we go to heisoku dachi. Close the inside edges of the feet together.


Musubi dachi

Place the weigth on your heels and turn your feet 45 degrees to 60 degrees. Your heels stay together.


Heiko dachi

Place your weigth on your toes and take your heels out until your feet are parallel. This is Heiko dachi or also parallel stance.


SotohachiJi dachi

From heiko dachi, pivot your toes out. Your feet now took the form of the kanji for the number 8. This is Sotohachii dachi or the outside figure 8 stance.

UchihachiJi dachi

From the outside figure 8 stance place your weight on your toes and push your heels outside. It is important to note that the ankles, hips and knees and dropped down a little bit. This is uchihachiji dachi or inside figure 8 stance.


Sanchin dachi

From the uchihachiji dachi put one foot forward of one foot length.


Moroashi dachi

Place your weight on your toes and bring the heels in until your feet are parallel.


Kokutsu dachi

Place your weight on your toes and shift your heels to the side. Drop your body and place 70% of your weight on your back leg. This is kokutsu dachi or the back leg stance.


Nekoashi dachi

From kokutsu dachu, retreat the front foot and lift the heel strongly. The front foot should be about two foot lengths forward. This is nekoashi dachi or the cat stance.


Kakeashi dachi

Twist on the ball of the front foot and lift your back foot's heel. "Sit down" on your legs.


Zenkutsu dachi

Return to the fron and withdraw one of the leg to the back about two shoulder widths. The toes on the front foot point straight ahead while the toes on the back foot are about 45 degress. Stand as if you were on a rectangle one shoulder width wide and two shoulder witdth long. Strech the back-leg straight and bent the front leg deeply.


Kiba dachi

Turn on the balls of the feet and bring the feet parallel and maintain the double shoulder width. This is kiba dachi or the horse riding stance.


Shiko dachi

Turn the toes out 45 degrees so they from together an angle of 90 degrees. This is shiko dachi or the sumo stance.


Tsuruashi dachi

Lift the foot staright up so the heel is at the opposite knee. This is tsuruashi dachi or the crane stance.
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